WhatsApp is the preferred application for millions to send messages to their contacts and many users are always looking for new alternatives to make them more fun. Just as you can italicize, bold, strikethrough, underline or even send an “endless” white message, there is also a simple trick with which you can completely change the appearance of what you write and form words using emojis, How do I do it?

The emojis are present on the keyboard of your Android or iOS mobile and are those yellow images that are used to express emotions or feelings, as well as represent animals, food, professions, among others.

It is precisely with them that you will be able to carry out this great trick that will allow you to give a fresh and fun air to your texts in the instant messaging application. Pay attention to what you should do from WhatsApp and how to surprise your contacts who have the Google operating system.

How to form words in WhatsApp using emojis:

To perform this trick, the first thing you have to do is search for the ‘Emoji letter maker’ application in the Google Play Store developed by TarrySoft.

Once inside the app, write the message you want to form with emojis in the text box.

Select the emojis you want to use, they can be hearts, faces, etc.

When you have your creation ready, you just have to copy and paste the text formed with emojis into the messaging application or directly click on ‘Share on WhatsApp’. Ready! Press send and surprise your contact.

With the ‘Emoji letter maker’ app you can send the message as text or image and it also allows you to create arrows, hearts, flags, animals, letters, stars or any shape you can think of. Through the different editing options it is possible to change the position of the letters both vertically and horizontally or rotate them.

Once inside ‘Emoji letter maker’ you can create your phrase and share it on WhatsApp or another social network.

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