If you agree, I would start by showing you how to block video calls on WhatsApp on Android smartphones. As you will see shortly, you only need to use some of the options of the popular instant messaging application or your device, depending on whether you want to prevent calls or video calls from certain contacts or from anyone. Here are all the details.

Method 1:

In phone settings.

As I mentioned at the beginning of the tutorial, WhatsApp does not integrate a function to automatically block all incoming calls or video calls.

That being the case, the only solution you have to avoid video calls from the famous messaging application is to revoke the application’s permission to use your device’s camera. However, be warned that by revoking the above permission you will not be able to use your camera to send photos or videos directly from the app chat (unless you grant it again).

Also, I must inform you that even blocking WhatsApp access to the camera, you will not be able to prevent other people from calling you; you’ll still get notifications, but if you try to respond to them, you’ll be prompted to turn on camera permissions to continue.

If you still want to know how to disable permission for WhatsApp to access the camera, go to Android Settings (the gear icon located on the Home screen or in the drawer), go to Applications -> Manage applications -> WhatsApp -> Application permissions -> Choose Camera and then the Deny option if you want to disable video calls or if you prefer to disable calls choose Microphone and also Deny , this will cause you to not receive any incoming video calls or calls on WhatsApp. If you want to reactivate the service, you just have to give permission to Camera or Microphone.

Method 2:

Using third-party applications.

If we are Android users then we still have some more options to block WhatsApp calls and video calls. No, we do not mean to say that the options between one version of the messaging app and another change, but rather that in the Google environment we have more options to install apps on our mobile that are capable of performing certain tasks. Generally it is not recommended to use third-party applications to add functions to WhatsApp since they could ban us, but there are a series of tools that help us limit the use of video calls or calls or block users.

Tools for WhatsApp

In this case, if we go to Google Play we can find the Tools for WhatsApp app. A tool that has the Disable Calls function and that has been designed precisely with those people who do not want to use WhatsApp calls or avoid being disturbed in this way by someone.

Specifically, what this app allows us to do is immediately deactivate a WhatsApp call or turn it into a normal call. In the event that we receive a call through the messaging application and we have configured its block, Tools for WhatsApp will automatically disable it or convert it to a normal call, depending on what we configure. To start using this app, all we have to do is download and install Tools for WhatsApp.

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