Sometimes we share fairly private information or images on WhatsApp, for example bank card numbers, very important messages… among other things.

You can Encrypt any message for the recipient to decrypt, so that only that person can see the message and no other people have access to it.

The app android “Text Converter Encoder Decoder” developed by Mr Duy is the perfect for our goal. Its function is to encode and decode texts in more than 20 different methods. As if this were not enough, Text Converter is capable of encrypting our text in QR codes, barcodes and 8 other types of encodings. The app also has a writing style editor, with more than 100 different types of text and 40 types of ornaments.

All the Text Converter options may be overwhelming, there is nothing to fear. The application is very simple to use, since its interface resembles that of a common translator. On its main screen we find two main boxes: the upper one for encoding and the lower one for decoding. The text to ‘translate’ is written in the upper box to encode it. Automatically, the app will translate it simultaneously to the selected encoding.

Once we have encoded or decoded said text, we can choose to copy or share it directly to WhatsApp or any other social network from the same application. Also, if we want to translate some longer text, Text Converter has a button to paste the text that we have previously copied.

Therefore, this application is perfect for all those who want to feel more security in their WhatsApp conversations. Whatever the use we want to give to Text Converter, it is free for Android on Google Play. However, there is a paid version, free of ads, for 0.99 euros.

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