One of the most dramatic moments for any mobile device user is when they mistakenly delete photos and videos.

Its recovery is quite complicated, especially if it has been a while since we lost them by overwriting the memory area where it was. “DiskDigger recovers photos” developed by Defiant Technologies, LLC is a free app that allows you to easily recover deleted files on Android, although to obtain the best results we will need to have our terminal rooted but that’s not mandatory.

The possibility of recovering photos and videos in terminals that don’t have root permissions was recently added, although this functionality is quite limited. When an app of these characteristics tries to recover deleted files, it looks for the sector of the disk where they were located, since when we delete a file, it’s not physically removed from the unit, but that area is “reserved” to be overwritten, so it’s possible to reverse the process as long as nothing has “stepped on” the file we want to recover.

Bearing in mind all this, it should be mentioned that recovering photos without being root is not capable of reversing this process, so it tries to search for remains in the terminal cache with copies of the images to be recovered. It’s very common that traces of these images remain in form of thumbnails at a lower resolution or images repeated in different paths. Without going any further, when we send a photo with WhatsApp, it is stored in a subfolder, even though we already have it in the one dedicated for that purpose.

When we choose a unit to scan, we can also select the format of the files to search, although in the basic version we can search only for JPG, MP3 or PNG. Anyway, these are just the extensions used by the Android operating system to store photos and videos, so we will have more than enough with them.

After completing the scan, we will see a list with everything that can be recovered, being able to select all the elements we want to save, both locally and by sending them through an external application. Likewise, the Pro version of the application includes some extra features in this regard, such as the possibility of uploading everything recovered via FTP server.

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