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After a long wait, the latest WhatsApp Plus update has arrived!

This new update includes different features that the original version does not have yet. For this reason, the popularity of this version is growing among users thanks to the fact that every detail of it can be customized. Thus offering a unique experience that adapts to each of the consumers.

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In the recent version of WhatsApp Plus, certain features that have been highly anticipated and requested by users have been added and improved. Among the most anticipated are animated effects, new emojis, keyboard customization, original quality in original photos and much more. Join us to discover all the news that WhatsApp Plus brings to you!

Ghost mode, one of the most anticipated new features of WhatsApp Plus

WhatsApp Plus closes the year with one of the new features most requested by users, which is the “ghost mode”. It is a function that you will find in the application in the form of a little ghost with a very Pac-Man style. By holding down this function, you will be able to access this new mode, which will keep you “invisible” in the application whether connected or not.

Likewise, this function allows you to configure from the time of the last time you want it to be displayed, until the messages are viewed. That is, only one of the popcorns will appear, but the user will be able to see and read messages without other users realizing it. But to other users you may appear disconnected or that you have not even read the messages they have sent you.

In addition, they will not be able to make video calls and calls, you will not be able to see the “typing” and much less if you are online. That is why, for those who show their last connection time, there is the option to implement the time you want to be seen as your last connection. A fairly complete WhatsApp Plus mode if you want to make your contacts believe that you have “disappeared” from the application.

Complete customization, variety of fonts and emojis

Another novelty that this new and improved version brings you is the possibility of customizing your interface to different colors, such as blue, pink, gray, green, among others. This offers you a wide range of themes, where you can change the appearance of the app so that you can place it to your liking. The same happens with emojis, which you can add to the iPhone version if you like it better and enjoy the new emojis that have also been added.

On the other hand, you can also choose the type of font that you like the most and select the size to personalize the application. Likewise, if you are one of those who like the way the old style of WhatsApp Plus looks, you can return to it in the “Interface style” option and recover the minimalist design that characterizes the app.

Likewise, it happens with the bar that was at the top. You can return it to its place in the settings, if you are one of those who finds the bar at the bottom of the app difficult or uncomfortable.

Sending files in original quality

Among the functions most requested by users is the sending of images, videos and files without losing their quality. Something they had been working to achieve with the latest updates. Well, it has finally arrived! In addition, the weight of large files has been increased than in the standard version, so you can send them without worrying about them losing quality when shared.

Channel configuration in WhatsApp Plus

Now you will have the possibility of sharing all the information that is on the channels that are shared, from videos and photos. Likewise, you can delete their content whenever you want, so that they take up less space.

Customize your chat experience

There is a very useful new feature for many, which is being able to organize chats, so that you can access them more easily. That is, you can place those that you have not answered at the beginning, to make them easier to read. This seeks to improve the experience and help the user when searching for a specific chat or information in them.

Remove ads and advertising from WhatsApp Plus

Removing advertising is now possible in WhatsApp Plus! Something very uncomfortable for users is the advertising, which tends to appear mostly for those who use themes to personalize the application. This is because thanks to this advertising, the creators of said theme receive an incentive for the use of their work.

To remove the advertising you must go to the three dots icon, which you will find at the top on the right side of the app. When you enter there, you will find a series of options, you go to the “Plus Configuration” option, there you enter and configure to remove ads from the app.

Enhanced and personalized privacy

Now you can find out who has blocked you thanks to the latest update. Which, in addition, has focused a lot on bringing significant improvements in terms of privacy.

Likewise, it corrects the expiration problem in January 2024 and ensures against suspensions and blocks thanks to its anti-ban 2024 protection. In addition, they have included the option to hide profile image from the users of your choice.

Voice changer in your chats

In WhatsApp Plus you can record voice notes and use the different tones to give your voice notes a fun touch. You just have to enter the chat and when recording the voice notes, choose between the different voice modulation options, and thus choose how you would like said voice note to sound.

New configuration for statuses in WhatsApp Plus

Now you can forward statuses from other users. As well as, you will be able to see stories and statuses without being detected thanks to the “Browsing in Hidden Mode” function. In addition, the option to see stories deleted by other users and be able to save them.

Improvements to message settings

The long-awaited and very useful option to schedule messages has arrived, so that they can be sent automatically when you need them. In addition, the widely used option to view messages deleted by other users, which has also been improved.

On the other hand, bomb messages and images have also been integrated, which are those that self-destruct after being seen.

Another very useful option that has been integrated into this latest update is the ability to partially copy and paste. That is, you can copy and paste some selected parts of a text, which helps give a better and more specific response in certain chats.

WhatsApp Plus is one of the most downloaded modified applications worldwide. This thanks to its various functions that offer a personalized experience for each user. Which is what makes it gain more and more followers and makes it more popular. Now you know what new features it brings to start 2024 on a high note!

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