It is an application that also has the famous bubbles of Facebook Messenger, so that notifications of new Wasap messages appear in the form of a bubble on the screen of our mobile. In addition, it´s compatible with other messaging applications such as Hangouts, Telegram, Slack or Twitter, among others.

The name of that application is “Flychat” developed by Flyperinc and is available for download on Google Play Android for devices with Android operating system.

Once installed, we can activate it for any of the mentioned applications with which Flychat is compatible and we can configure the color of the bubble and the behavior of the notifications. If we have more than one application configured in Flychat, each of them will show bubbles of the same or different colors, as we want, appearing one below another.

We can easily move the bubbles on the mobile screen or move them into the trash, erasing them in the same style like in the Facebook Messenger. But without doubt, the most attractive feature of Flychat is its ability to show the bubbles above all applications so that we can read and answer the messages received from Wasap or whatever application, without having to open the application itself, thus we don´t appear in line in the route application.

This means that we can quickly read or reply Wasap messages in a hidden stage, writing quickly without having to change the application. It is even possible to access the bubbles and messages from the mobile lock screen and answer the messages without having to unlock it.

Remember to protect the Flychat application in settings and protected applications of your mobile device, this will make Flychat always work on your mobile.

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