If you have ever received a message from someone saying… “send me your location to see where you are” but you didn’t want them to know where you were, this trick is for you. You can simulate a fake location on Wasap in the real time location sharing function.

Steps to follow:

1. The first step is to download, install and enable one of the many applications that serve to falsify your geolocation. The most popular of all is “Fake GPS location (Download)” from the developer Lexa, available in the Play Store.

2. When you open Fake GPS, you will see OPEN SETTINGS, press and the “Developer options” menu will appear, look for “Select application to simulate location” or something similar …, and you will get Fake GPS as you choose it.

3. Now just open Fake GPS and choose to expand and move the point of the map where you want to simulate the location in Wasap and then press the Play symbol to start. Exit the app and you can send your fake location.

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