You may have various reasons why you want to learn how to hide apps on Android devices. Whether it’s keeping work apps out of the hands of little ones or sensitive apps away from prying eyes. Maybe you just want to hide dating apps on your phone. Knowing how to hide apps is crucial to maintaining your privacy.

What exactly happens when you hide apps on Android? No one will be able to find them if they scroll through the phone. This doesn’t mean there aren’t other ways to find them. Your Play Store app installation history will show which apps you have downloaded. The app data folders will also remain on the device.

Hiding apps is different from disabling them. Your device may come with pre-installed bloatware and system apps that cannot be removed. Once disabled, these apps can no longer use system resources and slow down your phone. However, you may just want to hide apps while still being able to use them, so they don’t show up in the launcher.

“Hide Apps: Private” developed by Evolution web is a popular app that various people use to hide apps on their Android phones. It is free to use and efficient.

Once installed, just change the name and icon of the application you want to hide and it will be displayed on the phone screen already modified as a shortcut to the original.

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