Sometimes we have contacts on our phone with whom we haven’t written in months but we do like to know something about their lives. With the new features included in WhatsApp, we can take advantage of certain features by giving a little ingenuity to the application’s functions.

An easy way to open any chat without having to write would be to activate the “Temporary messages” that whatsapp includes in the latest updates.

Having said this way of opening chats, the steps to follow are very simple:

  • Choose the contact in whatsapp and enter their chat.
  • Press up on the contact’s name and scroll down until you find “Temporary Messages”.
  • Select where it says “message duration” a timer of for example 7 days. Then you can click on deactivate in case you do not prefer that there is a timer.

Voilá!, the chat will open without typing.

This can be used for many specific occasions, see if the contact is online, if you have changed your phone and your WhatsApp chats have been deleted, or you simply uninstalled and reinstalled the application without creating a backup.


The contact will know that you modified the temporary messages but they will probably think that they are tests carried out in your chats with the WhatsApp app.

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