WhatsApp is without a doubt among the most used messaging applications in the world. To use it, as we all know, we need an internet connection, which consists of connecting through it via WiFi, or the data connection to our telephone line. Well, some users have made a surprising discovery that changes this rule.

So let’s see the amazing new trick that many are using to use WhatsApp without Internet:

A true revolution. Let’s imagine that we are on vacation without Internet access. Or your balance ran out. With this option we can continue using the messaging application without problems.

What to do in practice:

  1. First we must access the configuration of our mobile phone. At this point, it is necessary to verify that the APN (Access Point Name) of our telephone operator is correct. In this regard, it is useful to know that most Android phones already have an APN list in their memory. Once turned on, it is configured directly on the card associated with the SIM card inserted in the phone. To view these settings, select the Mobile networks option from the main menu. From the sequential options available, choose “Access Point Names” (ie APN). Once we are sure that this configuration is correct, we are ready for the next step.
  2. Available the app “Yoga VPN -Secure Unblock Proxy” developed by Sarah Hawken from Google Play Store. Let’s check if the Wi-Fi connection is disabled. It is also necessary that the balance of the phone is completely empty. At this point we enter the downloaded application. We select the “Quick start” function.

For information, it is good to know that with this method you risk various fluctuations in the network. However, it can be a useful solution to be adopted in emergency situations.

So this is the new and surprising trick that many are using to use WhatsApp without Internet.

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