Do you want to read your messages in incognito mode? With the Hidden Status: Without Last Seen application you can do it safely and reliably.

Read the messages received from WhatsApp notifications in invisible mode, in addition you can also receive messages from the most popular applications such as Messenger, Instagram, Skype, Viber and Imo.

Its operation is simple:

  1. You can download from the Play Store “Hide status – No last seen (Download)” will ask for the permission of notifications (essential for messages to arrive). Then select the apps you want to activate incognito mode.
  2. Everything is ready, just press the “Proceed” button to see the messages you receive from your contacts.
  • You can deactivate the applications you want at any time by clicking on the Delete button, clicking on the app to be deleted and again on Delete.
  • To add applications again, click on the + sign in the lower area.

We highlight this application for the particularity of hiding the most popular messaging apps and being able to see all the messages received without being online.

Reply to messages: If you want to reply to received messages … disconnect mobile data and / or wifi -> Open WhatsApp or another social app -> Reply to messages -> Exit the app and reconnect data or wifi. The messages will arrive when activating the internet.

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