One of the most used instant messaging apps worldwide is WhatsApp. Around this famous platform, there are many enigmas and curiosities that most users want to discover and take advantage of to maximize their experience. One of them is based on knowing how they have added you on WhatsApp.

By default, the way in which a person saves their contacts in their mobile phone book says a lot about their relationship with them. Hence the interest of almost everyone in being able to discover how they have added it to this app, but without having to ask that person directly. Therefore, here we will help you find out in a practical and easy way, without raising suspicions.

The best trick to know how they have added you on WhatsApp

Without a doubt, the easiest trick is to make use of a third-party app that, although it works mainly as a caller ID, has gained considerable popularity for other supported functionality. Since, it allows users to discover what are the names or aliases that other WhatsApp users have assigned as a contact.

Now, before starting to use it, it is ideal that people know that they have to grant and activate privacy permissions on their mobile device. As a consequence, the application has the power to access personal information, from contacts and chats, to photos, IP addresses, other apps, etc.

If you are sure to use it, then here we reveal its name: GetContact. Which has a web page that allows you to enjoy the service for free, but also has a mobile application compatible with Android and iOS, available in the Google Play Store and the App Store respectively. Luckily, it has a simple interface that any user can handle, where there is a hidden option to discover what you want from anonymity.

See on Google Play

Next, we will tell you what are the steps to follow to find out how your contacts have added you on WhatsApp:

  1. To get started, go to the Play Store or App Store, search for “GetContact” and proceed to install it. If it is for Android, do it by clicking this link. In case you are an iOS user, tap here if you want to perform the installation. *NOTE: If the application is not available to download in your country, try to establish a VPN connection with another country where you can download GetContact from Google Play.
  2. When the installation process is complete, enter the application from your mobile device.
  3. Then, enter your phone number correctly to continue.
  4. Now, you must accept the terms and conditions that the application requests. This includes granting it the required permissions.
    Then, they will proceed to show you all your contacts, once you access the home screen of the app.
  5. In order to know who has added you to their WhatsApp and with what name, what you should do is look for the “Others” section and click on it. Then, click on your profile and this will generate a list.
  6. Finally, it only remains to see in detail the list with the names or nicknames with which they have you registered in their contact list and, therefore, in WhatsApp.

Other methods to discover how they have added you in WhatsApp Although, the fact of resorting to a third-party app is not liked by all users because there are many who prefer to implement solutions directly from WhatsApp. In these cases, these users have the alternative of using other methods to find out how they have added it to WhatsApp, without raising suspicions about their desire to snoop.

Indeed, below, we emphasize the additional methods that exist to obtain this information from WhatsApp:

Ask the person to send you your contact

This is the most direct solution to find out how a WhatsApp contact has added you to their list. To do this, in order not to raise suspicions, it is best that you manage, either by inventing that you need to verify something on your mobile line or that you want to forward your contact to another person, for example. The best thing to do is to use an excuse that is credible and timely.

Thus, the steps to follow would be the following to request a WhatsApp contact to send you their contact and discover how they have saved you:

  1. Enter your WhatsApp account and look for the chat of the person you want to snoop on this mobile information.
  2. After accessing the conversation with that user, it’s time to say hello.
  3. Once you’ve established a conversation, ask them to send you their own contact for [whatever reason you made up].
  4. Subsequently, the other user will most likely do it without problem, pressing the attach button, choosing the Contact option and selecting yours.
  5. Finally, you will receive this contact card and directly, the name or nickname with which you have been scheduled on your smartphone will be displayed.

Ask a mutual friend for a favor

It is also appropriate to “buddy up” with someone you trust who also knows the other person. If you choose to use this solution, what you should do is ask this mutual friend to contact the other user via WhatsApp and request your contact with the excuse that they have lost your phone number and need to contact you urgently.

In this way, surely the other person will attach the contact as it is done in WhatsApp and thus, the third party will receive the contact card with the exact name with which he has saved you. In other words, it will show up as he has attached to you. Thus, the mutual friend will proceed to inform you of your nickname in that contact list and will forward it to you so that you can verify it yourself.

Create a mailing list

Although this is not a method that allows you to discover how you have been added to a certain contact list, the truth is that it works perfectly to find out if that person has added you to their WhatsApp. Therefore, it will help you to check who have saved you in their mobile contacts.

Basically, it is a method that works because it is only possible to receive messages from mailing lists of those you have added as contacts. So, if you like the idea of finding out about it, here we explain how it is done:

  1. Enter your WhatsApp and tap on the three vertical dots to open the menu.
  2. In this menu, you must click on “New broadcast”.
  3. Subsequently, proceed to choose the contacts you want to add to the list. Of course, that person you want to snoop on cannot be missing.
  4. Once you’ve created the mailing list, it’s time to send a test message that is as natural as possible (for example, greeting the participants).
    Then, through the information menu of the sent message, you can verify to whom it has been delivered.
  5. Once you have checked the confirmation of “Delivered” on the message information screen, those that appear confirmed will be the ones that have added you to their contact list. Otherwise, it means that you have not been saved.

Once you have checked the confirmation of “Delivered” on the message information screen, those that appear confirmed will be the ones that have added you to their contact list. Otherwise, it means that you have not been saved.

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