Now you can not only use WhatsApp from your computer, but you can also watch it in a big way on your television. In this digital age when communication and technology have become essential in our lives, you have the opportunity to view your messages on the big screen. Discover how to have WhatsApp on TV with Android TV!

Below we will explain two ways to be able to view your app on the TV, one of them being a kind of mirror that will reflect what is seen on your mobile, while the other is operational from your TV as if it were a computer. Let us begin!

First option: Mirror your screen on the TV

Before you start the entire pairing process so that you can have your WhatsApp on the TV, you need to verify that both devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. This is important because otherwise it will not be able to work. Ready? Now do the following:

Step 1: Connect Android Magic

The next step on how to have WhatsApp on TV with Android TV is to open Google Play on your television and your Smartphone to search for the “ApowerMirror” application. Through this tool you can mirror your Smartphone screen on television. Then, download and install this app on your TV and your mobile.

Step 2: Pair the devices

Once you have installed the app, open it on both devices and follow the instructions to pair them. This step is crucial for a stable connection between your phone and the big screen.

Step 3: See what you have achieved

With the connection established, you will now be able to see your mobile screen mirrored on the Android TV. This way you just have to open the app from your phone and you will see the messages reflected on the big screen.

Second option: Use the web version of WhatsApp

Another option for how to have WhatsApp on TV with Android TV is if you want the application to work entirely on the television and not as a kind of reflection of what you do on your mobile.

Since you will be using the web browser, you will have to do a few things before you can proceed to install WhatsApp on your Android TV.

Start by doing the following:

Access Google Play from your Android TV and search and download “TV File Commander”, as well as “Sideload Launcher – Android TV”.

  1. Download the latest version of Google Chrome or Firefox for Android and upload the file to your Drive account.
  2. Open TV File Commander on your TV and connect it to your Google Drive account.
  3. Install the Google Chrome and Sideload Launcher apk.
  4. Open Sideload Launcher and then launch Chrome.
  5. Go to the browser settings and choose “desktop view”.

What are these steps done for? Because Google Chrome is not compatible with Android TV, so it will not appear in the interface unless you also install a launcher like Sideload Launcher. When you have done this, now the steps you must follow are:

  1. Open the Google Chrome browser on your TV.
  2. Access the WhatsApp Web website.
  3. Open WhatsApp on your mobile phone.
  4. Tap the options menu, that is, the three dots located in the upper right corner of the screen.
  5. Select “WhatsApp Web”.
  6. Scan the QR code that appears on the TV screen with your mobile phone.
  7. The WhatsApp session will start in the TV’s web browser.

Keep in mind that some menus will not work with the TV remote control, so you will have to connect a mouse and keyboard to the screen, either by cable or Bluetooth.

This is quite similar to how you would use it on the computer, since the only thing that will change is the size of the screen. However, as with the web version, there are some functions that will not be available and therefore the experience will not be the same as using it on your mobile device.

Benefits of having WhatsApp on TV with Android TV

Considering that you are already looking for how to view and use WhatsApp on TV, you probably already know what benefits you can take advantage of. However, we are going to mention the most notable ones in case you have not thought that it could serve you in that way.

  • Enjoy conversations in a big way, since with a larger screen you can enjoy group conversations better.
  • View multimedia content in all its glory on the big screen, so you can take the experience to another level.
  • Experiment with HD video calling by turning your Android TV into the medium to receive or make calls.

By knowing how to have WhatsApp on TV with Android TV, you can improve your experience in a certain way by following group conversations more easily. In addition, the experience will be more immersive in terms of the multimedia that is sent. However, remember that there are certain functions that may not work or effects of some emojis or stickers that will not be displayed.

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