Some people prefer that their contacts do not see that they have seen their WhatsApp statuses for various reasons, for that reason, today there are some tricks to achieve it and that nobody suspects anything.

If you don’t want to be seen seeing the statuses of any person.. there are two ways!

Option 1:

Available on Google Play the application “WAMR” developed by drilens.


After giving the necessary permissions and activating them for correct operation, the app is already up and running, you can see and download the hidden status of your contacts. You will also be able to see the messages that contained multimedia, which will be in a separate section. The design of the app is very simple and is based on scrolling through the different tabs, you will find everything easily.

Another thing that it offers the most interesting is the ability to see the messages from WhatsApp, Telegram or similar apps that you have selected and then if they delete the message, a notification automatically pops up that tells you that the message has been deleted and the message it contained.

Option 2:

  • We must deactivate the reading confirmation in our privacy options before opening the state we want to see incognito.
  • We will find it in the Settings of WhatsApp -> Account -> Privacy and below in read confirmations we deactivate the option.
  • Keep in mind that disabling this option also means giving up the double blue mark that indicates in our individual chats whether a message has been read or not. Both in our messages and in those of others so we can deactivate and look at the status and reactivate the reading confirmations if desired.

Option 3:

The third option would also be to remove the read receipts in WhatsApp settings and enter the last minute or seconds of the time that your contact has left, then return to activate read receipts if you wish when the status period of your contact has ended.

Option 4:

Remove read receipts in WhatsApp settings, view the status and delete the contact from the phone book and once the status time has passed, then add the number to the phone book again of the telephone. (It is recommended to change the visibility of your privacy to “everyone” in settings) so the contact will not see that you have deleted it from your agenda.

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