If you do´nt want to be seen, but see the states of any other person .. there are two ways!

Option 1:

  • We must deactivate the reading confirmation in our privacy options before opening the state we want to see incognito.
  • We will find it in the Settings of Wasap -> Account -> Privacy and below in read confirmations we deactivate the option.
  • Keep in mind that disabling this option also means giving up the double blue mark that indicates in our individual chats whether a message has been read or not. Both in our messages and in those of others so we can deactivate and look at the status and reactivate the reading confirmations if desired.

Option 2:

  • Download the “Cx Explorador de Archivos (Download)” application as a file manager on your mobile device.
  • Once you have downloaded it, you should make sure it´s configured to show the hidden files. To do this, click on the icon of the three horizontal lines located in the upper left corner of the screen and a window will appear where you should press the “Settings” option.
  • Now in the section “General Settings” click on “Screen Settings“, then will appear a new screen where you must activate the option “Show hidden files” by marking blue the box on the right.
  • Done this, go back to the main screen and choose SD card, go down and open the Wasap folder, inside the folder Wasap choose Media and inside it will be the folder .Statuses where the saved photos and videos are 😉

Extra trick:

Do you want to stop the time to see the photo of the state on Wasap?

Simply enlarging the photo a bit with your fingers, time will stop.

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