If you want to change the icon and name of WhatsApp or have installed a copy of WhatsApp but want to hide it, follow these 2 steps.

Step 1:

The first thing we are going to do is backup Wasap, for this we enter Wasap, go to Settings and click on the option Chats where we will see the Backup, now we press SAVE and go.

Now necessary the application from Google Play Store that we are going to use to change the icons in our Android, which is called “Awesome icons” developed by Momo apps. We install it and we grant the permissions that are requested for its correct operation.

Step 2:

When opening the application we will first see a screen in which we will simply have to click on Select an Installed APK. We will obtain a list of the applications that we have installed so that we select the one on which we want to make the changes. Then a screen with different options will appear, where the easiest thing would be to click on QUICK EDIT.

The first thing that shows is the Launcher Icon where you can put the image or icon you want to have instead.

Then it shows the Name of the Application, change it to your liking for example Calculator.

Once this is done, click on the left on Save and when you finish Processing, you will see some options that say: Uninstall, Install and Close. Press Uninstall (Old app) once uninstalled, press now on Install (new app modified to our liking).

Now on our mobile desktop will appear the same app as before but with Icon and Name changed.

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