Many people feel doubts, and some fear, when thinking that their partner spends many hours of their day talking to another person on WhatsApp.

And although there is no magic formula to obtain the complete history of your partner’s chats, there are tricks that you can apply when you want to know which contacts they interact with most frequently.

With the technique that we explain below, you can even find out the amount of audiovisual material they share with each other.

Is this method of WhatsApp reliable?

According to a review by El Tiempo, this trick does not work like a magic wand that will answer all your requests, but it will certainly open the way for you to find out with clearer clues, and the best thing is that it will not leave you. evidence that you were spying.

How can I see WhatsApp statuses without anyone noticing?

The first thing to keep in mind is that, to implement this plan, the person’s phone must be in your hands, and you must also have access to their WhatsApp.

Despite not being an infallible technique, it will save you a lot of time, avoiding having to decipher the suspect in case your partner has given him a false name, or has archived the chat.

In case the person is used to emptying the chats frequently, this will be an impossible mission.

So you can know who your partner interacts with on WhatsApp.

The first step is to go to the “Settings” section of the WhatsApp account of the person in question. Once there, you must enter the “Storage and data” option and then “Manage storage”.

Being in the storage manager, it will show you, in order of activity, a complete list of the chats that your partner or the person in question had.

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