How to know when someone connects to WhatsApp and its connection time.

If we want to know what time a person connects to WhatsApp what are their connection times, if they are online and all this without being seen connected… there is currently no App that allows it. However, we can use this trick we explain below, although it is a bit tedious, we can take it as a solution.

Steps to follow:

1. The first thing we must do is search the app “Screen Recorder – XRecorder” developed InShot Inc. available on Google Play Store, so that we can review the recorded video later and check the connection times of this person and the time he spent connected.

2. If you have a second mobile with a Wasap and another phone number, even better, since you wouldn’t be seen online.

Once we have put our phone to record with XRecorder, we should open the Wasap chat we want to spy.

* We must take into account that we have to configure XRecorder, so that it continues recording even though the phone screen is not on or the phone is configured so that the screen remains active and never shuts off. In the configuration of XRecorder you can activate the option “Continue recording when the screen is off”.

3. Now we have to leave recording during the night for example or during the time we want to check. Once this is finished, we will be able to see the video and check all this data when our contact is online, the time it has been etc…

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