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How to delete unwanted junk files from WhatsApp automatically

Is your phone gallery full of junk WhatsApp files? We receive and send many memes, greeting messages, photos and videos on WhatsApp every day. By...

Reset states 24h at the same time you put them

Delete the 24-hour statuses on WhatsApp and put them back at the same time as before, resetting those who have seen them.. Honestly, with...

Chillout 2

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Save status for WhatsApp

In the 24 hour states in WhatsApp there is no possibility to save (download) the image or video upload of your friend or relative,...

How to know if a contact is “online” using WhatsApp Plus

WhatsApp Plus is an unofficial alternative version of the instant messaging application belonging to Meta, that is, WhatsApp Messenger. This version offers the same functions found in the original, however, it is notable for having additional features.

Flychat (Hide Online)

It is an application that also has the famous bubbles of Facebook Messenger, so that notifications of new Wasap messages appear in the form of a bubble on the screen of our mobile

In addition, it´s compatible with other messaging applications

GB Chat Offline for WhatsApp (Hide Online)

GB Chat for whatsapp is a simple app to read your incoming Whatsapp messages and send messages without appearing online and showing no more blue arrows.

You can chat with your Wasap contacts directly and of course without being online.

How to send empty/blank messages in WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram Chats

There is no reason to send blank or empty messages to anyone, but just to have fun with your friends or entertain your ex-partner...

Reiki / Yoga

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Sticker packs for WhatsApp

The best free sticker packs for WhatsApp to download. Stickers of memes, funny, movies, series, phrases and more

Disable WhatsApp temporarily, to rest…

For many people, this application is their main work or study tool, maintaining constant, direct and immediate communication with their bosses, clients or classmates or work. In this and other types of cases, the application and the mobile phone never rest ... and neither do you. This is where the question arises: What could I do to get some rest? Disable WhatsApp Messenger temporarily That is why now you will see a series of tools and functions of your mobile phone...

Use WhatsApp without an internet connection

WhatsApp is without a doubt among the most used messaging applications in the world. To use it, as we all know, we need an internet connection, which consists of connecting through it via WiFi, or the data connection to our telephone line. Well, some users have made a surprising discovery that changes this rule. So let's see the amazing new trick that many are using to use WhatsApp without Internet: A true revolution. Let's imagine that we are on vacation without...

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