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Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Better speed up audio on WhatsApp

You don't you have a lot of time to listen to all the audios you receive on WhatsApp? As always we bring a fantastic solution...

Create fakes Chats similar to WhatsApp (Prank)

If you want to create a fake Chat in which to add contacts and false conversations, created by you or also spend a very...

Hide Online and Typing (for WhatsApp)

Do you want to read your messages in incognito mode?

With the Hidden Status: Without Last Seen application you can do it safely and reliably.

Know how they have added me on WhatsApp

One of the most used instant messaging apps worldwide is WhatsApp. Around this famous platform, there are many enigmas and curiosities that most users...

Multicolored chats and extras (Cool)

Among so many people using WhatsApp, it is normal that there are those who are not completely satisfied with its functions. That is why...

Listen to audios in hidden mode

Sometimes we want to listen to the received audios in WhatsApp in hidden mode, either for not being online at that moment or to...

Hide WhatsApp Icon

If you want to change the icon and name of WhatsApp or have installed a copy of WhatsApp but want to hide it, follow...

Block a number without having it added and without any previous chat conversation

Have you given your phone number out of commitment and regret it now? If you want someone not to write you or see you if...

Better speed up audio on WhatsApp

You don't you have a lot of time to listen to all the audios you receive on WhatsApp? As always we bring a fantastic solution...


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How to delete unwanted junk files from WhatsApp automatically

Is your phone gallery full of junk WhatsApp files? We receive and send many memes, greeting messages, photos and videos on WhatsApp every day. By default, WhatsApp will download all the media files on your phone automatically. These media files can take up to hundreds of MB of space on your phone and cause performance issues. It is a long task to manually clean WhatsApp junk files. We created this tutorial to help you delete photos, videos and other unnecessary files...

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Create a Memoji of your face to put it as a profile picture on WhatsApp

In the following way you can create your own avatar for WhatsApp or for any other app or social network such as Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, Instagram or even in multiplayer games. As in most apps of this type, the first step will be to take a selfie to generate the avatar. However, it will be possible to modify the facial features at any time before saving the image. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || ).push({}); The app available on...

Meme Generator (Create your own MEMES)

Incredibly fast and mobile friendly meme generator. Caption the memes or upload your own images to create custom memes

Hide your WhatsApp profile picture from a certain contact

The messaging platform only has three options: show it to all users, only to saved contacts or to no one, but now with this simple trick you can hide your profile picture from a single contact and even choose which users can see your personal information. How to get it in a simple way: First of all, you should know that WhatsApp does not offer the possibility of creating a kind of "black list" in which you can add exceptions when...

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