Do you need to send a message to a person at a predetermined time when you can’t use your phone? Make it possible with this trick we show you below:

Steps to follow:

  1. You will have the app “SKEDit Programming App” developed by KVENTURES available in Play Store Android.
  2. Log in to the app via Facebook or create an account (accept the terms in the box).
  3. There will be several options in which to program a message, in this case we select WhatsApp, you have to enable the accessibility .. do it by choosing accessibility for SKEDit.
  4. Once on the main screen of the app, add a WhatsApp contact to send the message at any time, put the text to send and set the time you want the message to arrive. (Remove screen lock and change battery optimization) This will make the app handle your mobile to send the message through WhatsApp.


Remember to protect the SKEDit application in settings and protected applications of your mobile device, this will make SKEDit always work on your mobile.

For example in the Huawei brand in Settings -> Advanced settings -> Battery manager and then Protected applications, select the app you want to protect so that it does’nt close and is always operative.

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