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Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Hands free for WhatsApp

Has it ever happened to you that you stopped at a traffic light and you took your mobile to read a WhatsApp in the...

Sticker packs for WhatsApp

The best free sticker packs for WhatsApp to download. Stickers of memes, funny, movies, series, phrases and more


function window_open(url) { window.open("http://cp.usastreams.com/html5-player-barra-meter.aspx?stream=;&fondo=1&formato=mp3&color=6&titulo=2&autoStart=1&vol=8&nombre=Ambiental+2&server=", "Radio en Vivo", "width=450, height=170, top =85,left=50");}document.getElementById("ventanaSecundaria634a4e").onclick = function () {window_open();};...

Create fakes Chats similar to WhatsApp (Prank)

If you want to create a fake Chat in which to add contacts and false conversations, created by you or also spend a very...

Chats Translator for WhatsApp

Both in the professional and personal surrounding, you have surely come across many WhatsApp chats in other languages. If you know the language, that's...

Automatic Answering Machine for WhatsApp

Are you busy and can't respond to an incoming WhatsApp? Do not worry… there is App "WhatsAuto - Automatic replies application" that responds the...

The rescued airplane mode

This method that, without downloading any other application, "Hides" that at that moment we just connected. Something rudimentary, but very simple to do. We...

Free Music Online

Music 2022 - Listen to music online and songs online as well as being able to listen to free music with the best genres


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See hidden WhatsApp statuses

Some people prefer that their contacts do not see that they have seen their WhatsApp statuses for various reasons, for that reason, today there are some tricks to achieve it and that nobody suspects anything. If you don't want to be seen seeing the statuses of any person.. there are two ways! (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || ).push({}); Option 1: Available on Google Play the application “WAMR” developed by drilens. HOW IT WORKS WAMR: After giving the necessary permissions and activating...

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Meme Generator (Create your own MEMES)

Incredibly fast and mobile friendly meme generator. Caption the memes or upload your own images to create custom memes

Alarm for the spy

Set an intruder alarm You want to take a nap and worry about having your phone unattended? Now you can put a spy alarm on your phone. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || ).push({}); Follow these steps: Go to Play Store Android and search the app "Don't touch my phone" developed by Tappaz.Games. When you open the app, you will see a configuration key at the top right, press it, and add a 3-digit pin to the alarm for more security,...

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