With this great application you can hide your private contacts and avoid conflicts with your partner, your friends and your bosses.

Hide your whatsapp contacts and your phone numbers in the contact book by creating your own invisible contact list so that only you can access your hidden agenda that has a safe and reliable security system.

This application called “HiCont Hide your contacts” developed by AM Company has an advanced security system, you can select an Access Pin, Lock Pattern or a simple Calculator and combine the type of security with an alarm system against any expert intruder. You can also protect your photos with your fingerprint.

You can activate the fake mode option with different access and share your fake password so that the contacts that you prefer are shown. With this option your hidden contacts truly go unnoticed. To activate this option, you just have to enter configuration and press Activate False Mode.

With this application you can make your contacts invisible, hide your ex’s number and activate a security system with an intruder alarm that tells you when a person is trying to see your private contacts.

This application needs permission for your address book to be able to hide it. Contacts are not saved or shared with anyone. Your private contacts are only saved on your device and will be safe.


Hide conversations on WhatsApp Web PC

Hiding a contact is a function that the famous messaging application does not offer natively, neither in its web version nor in the app, however, if we are one of those who uses WhatsApp from the Chrome browser, we can use an extension that will allow us to hide any chat easily. This is useful if we are at work or in a place where more people are watching.

The extension is called “WhatsHide” and is available for free in the Chrome Web Store. Once installed, we will see how a WhatsApp icon appears in red with a face next to the browser’s address bar and that will be where we have to click to hide a contact in WhatsApp. Therefore, we open the web version of the messaging application, click on the WhatsHide icon, write the name of the contact in the text box that shows the extension and click on the “+” button.

We will automatically see that the chat we have with that person disappears from the list of chats, including the WhatsApp groups to which that same contact belongs. The truth is that in the place of the chat is a gap then, but at least it fulfills its mission of hiding the chat of a certain contact. To show it again, just click on the WhatsHide icon and slide the switch to the OFF position.

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